Golden Years (Jeremy Sole remix)

When I lived in Los Angeles, my favorite radio station was KCRW, a public radio station run by Santa Monica College. I still love to listen to them over the internet. Recently, they’ve been playing a remix by Jeremy Sole of David Bowie’s classic song Golden Years. Turns out that KCRW asked four of their DJs to remix Golden Years in honor of the release of Bowie’s re-mastered album Station to Station. I love Jeremy Sole’s version and wanted to post it here, but KCRW hasn’t provided a way to do that or to download an audio file. So, to avoid running afoul of copyright laws, here’s a link to their blog page about it, where you can find out more and listen to all four remixes: KCRW DJs Remix Golden Years by David Bowie


© Karen Joslin, 2010