Divine Union

Front of Divine Union
Divine Union, with Durango the dingo in the window

At the beginning of September, some friends and I opened a wellness, art, and spiritual co-op called Divine Union. We had been talking about the idea on and off for a few years. Because we envisioned using the space for multiple purposes, including art exhibits, classes, workshops, meetings, and healing sessions, having a space we could easily set up for different needs was crucial. And we wanted it to be in Railroad Square, a former train depot which now houses a number of art galleries, shops, and community centers. However, rentals there seldom become available and are always quickly spoken for.

The idea had fallen by the wayside for a while, when suddenly opportunity knocked. The perfect place was up for grabs – 1000 square feet of open space with a kitchen and bathroom at the back. Although the timing could have been better for some of us, and we had to quickly raise enough money to cover the security deposit and first month’s rent, we felt we needed to take the leap and trust that it would all work out. With the help of generous people in our community, we made it happen.

My favorite part? I finally have permanent gallery space to show my photography. My pieces in the main space are all photos on gallery-wrapped canvas, while I’ve got a few framed pieces hanging elsewhere. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work, and with all the momentum we’ve already got going, I’m really looking forward to what we’re able to do in the coming year. To find out more about us, visit Divine Union’s Facebook page.

Karen Joslin's photography hanging on the wall at Divine Union
My photo canvases hanging on the wall at Divine Union

© Karen Joslin, 2010