Amy Steinberg

Amy Steinberg
Amy Steinberg in concert at Divine Union, with her art in the background

This past Friday, Divine Union hosted its first concert, by Amy Steinberg. A witty, irreverent singer-songwriter, she has performed with such notable musicians as Ani Difranco, Lisa Loeb, and Meredith Brooks.

Amy has a devoted following, some of whom are my friends. I had therefore already heard some of her music, and while I thought it was really catchy and clever, I didn’t quite get the fervent fan worship. Now that I’ve seen her perform live, though, I get it.

Amy is a consummate entertainer with a knack for engaging the audience. She performs positive, uplifting songs with an energy and zest that makes her compelling to watch. Between songs, she tells stories funny enough to be part of a stand-up comedy routine. (Her impression of Ani Difranco was especially memorable.) However, her appeal lies not only in her musical and comedic talents, but in the way she somehow makes every person in the audience feel special – like you’re good friends, even if you’ve never met. You can’t help but leave an Amy Steinberg concert feeling inspired, powerful, and open to all the wonders of the Universe.

We didn’t record Amy’s fabulous performance, unfortunately, but here’s a video of her performing at Stage 84 in Davie, FL:

Amy also brought some of her art with her, and I love her paintings as much as her music. Maybe even more. The vivid colors and whimsical style speak to me. I also like the words painted on many of her pieces, like “Love,” “Serenity,” and “Namaste.” I’m especially fond of her owl paintings.

Find out more about Amy Steinberg on her website or Facebook page.

Some of Amy Steinberg’s art at Divine Union

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