Domain Issues

I’ve recently been making changes to my website, which has resulted in difficulties accessing certain pages. Any of my PhotoShelter pages which point to their former subdomain (, rather than the default PhotoShelter address, can’t be found there. However, anyone who wants to see my photography can still find it at Hopefully this problem will be solved shortly and everything will once again work as it should.

Why is this happening? Well, previously, my site consisted of PhotoShelter for my photography and for my home page plus extra pages that I couldn’t do in PhotoShelter. But since PhotoShelter added two custom pages to their offerings, I don’t need to renew my Gate website now that my annual term is about to expire. So I moved my domain over to Namecheap because of their low cost, e-mail options, and site control.

Transferring my DNS to Namecheap’s servers was easy and quick. I then attempted to set up a CNAME record to point my domain to my PhotoShelter home page, though I find Namecheap’s method of doing this confusing, even after scouring their help section for applicable information. (So far, this is Namecheap’s biggest problem for me – not providing comprehensive enough instructions for users.) Similarly, setting up my domain’s e-mail addresses was not as self-explanatory as I thought it would be, so I’ve temporarily forwarded them to an address elsewhere. At least setting up my blog’s subdomain was simple, though.

I did all of that on Friday evening, and when I checked everything on Sunday afternoon, my blog and e-mail worked perfectly. My domain, however, still points to my site on After further research and configuration attempts on both Namecheap and PhotoShelter, I think I have it set up correctly now. Maybe. If it still doesn’t work properly after the 48-hour propagation period, then it’ll be time for a chat with tech support. Until then, I apologize for any inconvenience.

I can tell from Namecheap’s forums that I’m not the only one who finds their documentation lacking. Once everything’s working correctly, I’ll add a post with the exact steps needed to configure a Namecheap account to point a domain to an external website.

Thanks for your patience!

© Karen Joslin, 2011