Desecration #1

"Desecration #1"
“Desecration #1”

I’ve decided that it’s high time I started posting more of my photography to my blog, so this week I’m traveling back in time to last January. This week’s photos were all taken in the historic Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina.

Every cemetery has a different feel and character to it, and Riverside Cemetery is one of the most beautiful and interesting ones that I’ve visited. One thing that struck me here was the number of statues that seemed to have been vandalized. Now, it’s not uncommon for statues and graves to sustain damage from storms or other natural occurrences. However, I’ve never seen statues with their heads chopped off like this, and there were several beheaded statues throughout the cemetery. As you can see,  this statue is also missing a hand.

While I can’t prove this statue fell victim to a vandal, it seems likely enough that I’ve titled this photo “Desecration #1.”

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