Flight of Fancy

"Flight of Fancy"
“Flight of Fancy”

Continuing on with photos I took in Asheville’s Riverside Cemetery, this is one of the most fun engravings I’ve seen on a gravestone. Though I usually find older graves more interesting than contemporary ones, I love the bold, graphic design and whimsical character of this winged insect. Originally I thought this was a bee, but it really looks more like a dragonfly. I can’t remember if the epitaph referenced bees or find another photograph of this gravestone, so it’ll remain a mystery, at least until the next time I visit Asheville.

Getting a good shot was challenging due to the close placement of other stones, as you can see on the left side. Sunshine warming up and illuminating that gravestone drew attention away from the insect, so I converted the image to black and white to shift emphasis to the center. I also added a toy camera filter to enhance the fanciful feel and remove distractions. As a comparison, here’s the original image with just a few basic adjustments:

The original file for "Flight of Fancy"
The original file for “Flight of Fancy”

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