Woodville Gorilla

"Woodville Gorilla"
“Woodville Gorilla”

I’ve always loved roadside attractions, and I’ve been getting into photographing more of them lately. Weird statues, yard art, kitschy signs, buildings shaped like everyday objects, roadside stands – if it’s even a little quirky, I want to photograph it.

This gorilla statue in Woodville is one of my favorites. Partly because I can’t imagine why a gorilla would wear a gym suit. And why is the gorilla so angry? I guess the exercise endorphins haven’t kicked in yet. Finally, why would an event rental space think that this gorilla statue would attract their desired clientele?

Perhaps the place is just too nondescript without it. Or maybe the statue was already there and too difficult to move. Whatever the reason, I love the idea of a bride and groom telling their wedding guests, “You can’t miss it. It’s the place with the giant, menacing gorilla out front.”

© 2015 Karen Joslin