Easter Bunny-Lion

A lion statue decorated like the Easter bunny adds a whimsical touch to Azalea Park in Crawfordville, Florida.
“Easter Bunny-Lion”

In honor of Easter, this week I bring you one of my favorite bits of local quirkiness. When you’re driving down 319 through Crawfordville (a little town south of Tallahassee), you pass Azalea Park, where this lion statue stands near the road, gazing out at passers-by. Area residents paint the lion for holidays, and I suspect sometimes just for fun.

Last year at this time, the lion was dressed up as the Easter Bunny. I love the character and detail they gave him. The bunny ears and Easter eggs at his feet add a touch of whimsical charm.

UPDATE: For a little history on the lion and some pics of his other disguises, check out this Crawfordville Lion site.

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