Sweet Sorrow: One Photo, Two Versions

Recently, I was playing around with a few photos that I took in Oakland Cemetery, a historic cemetery in Atlanta.
I’ve always liked this statue of a weeping woman holding a laurel wreath. In cemetery symbolism, a laurel wreath may connote several different things. Often, it’s used to mark the grave of a person distinguished in the arts, the military, literature, or athletics. The circular shape of the wreath implies eternity, and thus, victory over death. Remembrance is another common meaning.

Anyway, I had already done the black and white version of this photo, and I like how it turned out. However, I also like the color of the flowers and leaves on the tree in the background, so I decided to amp up the color version. I cropped it a bit because a few things in the bottom left-hand corner were distracting. (They disappeared in the black and white version, since that corner went so dark.)

I can’t decide which one I like better. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

© 2015 Karen Joslin

2 thoughts on “Sweet Sorrow: One Photo, Two Versions

  1. I love the depth and feeling the black and white image evokes, it feels like sadness and mourning. The color photo is beautiful and light and feels more like a walk through a garden containing statues. I love how you captured different feelings through the change in color!

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