Indian Pink

Indian Pink in bloom is a showy spectacle, with star-shaped yellow blossoms atop red trumpets. Scientific name is Spigelia marilandica. Native to the Southeast and Midwest United States.
“Indian Pink”

Here’s the final in this week’s series of native plants from last year that are now returning to my garden. This unique flower, Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica), may be my favorite. I love the star-shaped flowers topping off red trumpets.

One of the best features of Indian Pink is that it grows well in shade, unlike many flowering plants. We’ve got a lot of shade in our yard, so I’m always happy to find flowers that will thrive in it. I’m especially excited that the Indian Pink has spread a little since last year.

If you live in the Tallahassee area, you can buy Indian Pink at Native Nurseries. Head over there soon to see a huge patch of it in all its glory. (Mine is just about to start blooming.)

Indian Pink’s native range covers the Southeastern U.S., a few states in the Midwest, and Texas. For more info, take a look at this summary from the Forest Service.

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