Little Nadine’s Playhouse

Playhouse tomb of Nadine Earles in Lanett, Alabama. Before Nadine died in late 1933, she told her parents how much she wanted the playhouse her father had been working on as a Christmas gift. After her death, he finished the playhouse and installed it over her grave.
“Little Nadine’s Playhouse”

I’ve decided to reduce my blog posts to once a week, as I’m working on plans for a new online shop centered around my cemetery images. I may precede my shop launch with an e-book, but I’m still in the very early planning stages, so we’ll see.

And now on to this week’s image. A couple of years ago, I met up with my brother in Lanett, Alabama, to look at a rental property he had bought. Right down the street was Oakwood Cemetery, where the unusual tomb above resides.

The tomb contains the grave of Nadine Earles, who died in 1933 at age four. Nadine had contracted diphtheria and then developed pneumonia. Prior to her death, she had been excited about the playhouse her father had begun building for her as a Christmas present. According to legend, while ill she told him, “Daddy, me want it now.” After her death, her father finished the playhouse and installed it over her grave. Inside the playhouse, dolls, teddy bears, a tea set, and a bicycle keep Nadine company.

The legend also says that the inscription on her gravestone inside includes “Me want it now.” However, I photographed it, and I don’t see those words anywhere. (Though with the plethora of dolls covering the stone, it’s possible that it’s simply obscured.)

For a comprehensive look at Little Nadine’s Playhouse, check out the video below, which I found on YouTube. Although it could use some editing, it’s got good views of the inside.

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