K_Giraffe dame_et_filletteKaren's Portrait

I’ve always been a creative soul.

Theater, screenwriting, film production, stand-up comedy – I’ve done ’em all. And, of course, photography. Whatever the medium, though, it’s all about the story.

I see stories all around me, from natural subjects to man-made oddities. In both respects, Florida provides plenty of interesting fodder. North Florida in particular is a far cry from the tourist traps of Orlando and the glitz of Miami. Here nature reigns supreme, with quirky little towns dotting the land between swamps, forests, and white sand beaches.

Traveling to other places inspires me, too. I love the new sights and shots that a change of scenery brings.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you think I’d fit a project you have in mind or would like to license a photo, please contact me. You can also connect with me on ImageBrief.

Karen Joslin